It’s the rare artist who can capture and convey the energy of nature on a two-diminsional surface. Lynn Boggess is one. His plein-air paintings of the backwoods forests and rivers in his native West Virginia pulsate with dynamism and movement; they’re wide-awake with color, light, and perspective. Using variously sized cement trowels as his brush allows Boggess to take himself and the viewer far beyond the soft focus of the Impressionists, the American Luminists (even beyond the action paintings of Jackson Pollock), past the world of trompe l’oeil, and into one verging on the perspectival layers found in Marcel Duchamp’s ingenious viewfinder tableau, the Étant Donnés. Where Duchamp united the sublime to the disturbing, Boggess aims only for the former – and often arrives at something very much like transcendence. Like nature itself.
––Devon Jackson, published in the santa fean, 2010

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